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La-Verne drawer (SDT002)
The shape of La-Verne drawer comes from the french Country commodes. The most well-known commode is the "bombee" shaped commode from the Rococo period. It is distinguished by its curvaceous lines and sweeping front curve. In contrast to conventional commode and similar products on the market, La-Verne drawer is equiped with a handle-free system, improving the flexibility and convenience of the product.

Gold (SDT002G)
Dimension: L1200*D550*H720

Black (SDT002B)
White (SDT002W)
Silver (SDT002S)

Rhoda II side table (ST005)
The design of Rhoda II side table is modelled on the french Louis XV "bombee" drawer. It is distingusied by its curvaceous lines and sweeping front curve. It could date back to the Regence period between 1715-1723 A.D. Eudor has perfected the finish of this piece by applying glossy baked enamel paint. The appearance differs from the conventional piece and this stylish contemporary design enchances its suitability in different interior plans. In addition the handle-free system enhances the contemporary design, you will experience a vintage inspired product in a completely different way.

Silver (ST005S)
Dimension: W650*D450*H600

Gold (ST005G)

Black (ST005B)

Rhiannon side drawer (ST001)
Similar to Rhoda II side table...The design of Rhiannon side drawer is also Inspired by the French "bombee" design. By applying glossy baked enamel paint with perfect combination of colours, the designer has transformed the conventional design to a stylish, contemporary design. In addition, the handles-less system adopted enhancs the convenience and the flexibility of the product. You will experience vintage product in a completely different way.

Dimension: W500*D390*H680

Silver (ST001S)

Gold (ST001G)
White (ST001W)


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