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Eudor classics was established in 1992. Throughout our development over the last two decades we have aimed to be the best in furniture. We pride ourselves on our product with modern, elegant European design. Besides, we are specialized in eco-design and product safety design. By integrating expertise, experience and values, we proudly dedicate our products to our customers.

With constant innovation, we are pleased to introduce our most technically advanced furniture. In our product portfolio we offer a range of glamorous furnishings including chairs, lounges, coffee tables, cabinets, drawers and more. All products are crafted with modern, elegant European style and made of exceptional material.
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Showroom: G110 Help Street Chatswood NSW 2067
Office: Unit 1 19-20 Seton Road Moorebank NSW 1875
Phone: +61 2 87984226
Eddy: 0433 338 020
Wing: 0421 750 028
E-mail: info@Lavue.com.au
Office hour: Mon - Fri 9a.m. - 5 p.m.

Eudor Pty. Ltd (ACN: 158 155 349)
Lavue Classics Furniture and Homewares PTY LTD ABN: 46162556005

Product Features

"Fiberglass was perceived as a good material for modern design. The ‘compound shell of plastic' was the most appropriate form for twentieth century furniture." said Saarinen and Eames who were the first designers that explored plastic's material qualities and the use of fiberglass as a structural material for furniture.

Our products are made of fiberglass, a contemporary material in the building industry, following the advances in furniture manufacturing techniques.

The major advantage of using fiberglass furniture is its enhanced strength and lightness. Compared to other textures, fiberglass is a lot more durable. It is resistant to all weathers conditions, such as a vast range of temperatures and humidity. In contrast to wood, it will not warp, crack or rot, so yearly treatment with paint, stain or varnish is not required. Unlike all metallic products fiberglass furniture is rust and corrosion proof, which prolongs its life.

Furniture made from wood may be aesthetic; nonetheless, it is incredibly flammable. Inflammability of fiberglass furniture creates a distinctive feature for our products. In general, fiberglass furniture is fire resistant up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, Fiberglass furniture is an excellent insulator, especially from electricity, and it also resists from a large range of chemicals. Users can feel safe with Eudor & Lavue in any situation.

Enamel Paint System  

All our products had been finished with the quality Baked Enamel Paint System. Baked enamel paint is regarded as one of the most advanced paint methods of recent times. It provides a tough coating on a surface. By repeating the baking process the durability of product surface is improved with resistance to scratching, chipping, and fading. Creating a maintained, glossy and long lasting finish.

Handle-Less System  

“Imaging if you have greasy hands and need to open up the cabinet, what would you do?” This is very often a situation in the kitchen and a handle-less cabinet was introduced to resolve this problem. This is a very smart solution but it is not popular in the uses of lounge/living room furniture.
As we recognize the increasing need of handle-less systems, we have employed this in a majority of our cabinets. Only a light touch is required and furniture doors swing open to a comfortable opening angle. This provides our product a valuable feature that it is user friendly. All kinds of users would be benefited from easier use.

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